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Why 16GB of internal memory isn’t sufficient for a smartphone?

Most smartphones these days come with a unibody or metal design giving a better experience and feel but at the lack of expandable storage....

Does the MacBook Air have a place in today’s world?

This is a question that is asked too often: “Is the MacBook Air still alive?”. I’ve had the experience of people who find the...

Why beats isn’t as bad as you think!

There's always a ton of debate between those who admire beats and those who have the biggest hatred against it. But today I think...
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Which memory variation must you choose for your smartphone?

Most smartphones these days sacrifice memory expandability for slimmer, sleeker and a more premium design. Examples include the newly announced Note 5, S6 Edge/Edge+,...
Source: Apple

Is the lack of a DVD drive on a laptop a...

Lots of laptops and ultrabooks these days come with incredible speed and performance capabilities but always lacks a dvd drive.  These is a new...
Source: Qualcomm

Do we need a 4K screen on a smartphone?

Smartphones these days come in different shapes and sizes. But what makes a phone ‘Smart’ is more than just its form factor, it’s the...

Should screen protectors come preinstalled on smartphones?

Smartphones can be found almost everywhere these days. With incredible evolution in the technology industry and with phones being even more 'smarter', powerful and...