The best way to turn your iPad or iPhone into an...

Having a two display setup is pretty common these days. Professional and general users alike tend to require more screen real-estate than what is...
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iPhone X: Apple’s flagship 10 months later

When Apple showed off the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus at the 2017 Apple Special Event, it was quickly eclipsed with the announcement of the of the iPhone X and with good reasons. The world was highly anticipating a design overhaul of the iPhone marking its tenth anniversary and that is exactly what the X showcased. By the end of the Special Event, the internet was buzzing with iPhone X news that contained a variety of both positive and negative impressions of the device; the insanely high price tag of a $1000 and of course, the infamous notch that gave birth a galore of memes. The phone itself did not go for sale until late November with pre-orders overwhelmed within minutes leaving users with expected delivery dates until mid-December. Now that all the hype has settled and the market has been swarmed by a “top-notch” smartphone trend, it is essential to check on how well has it aged within the first six months.

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