Perhaps the biggest update to a specific OS comes to the newly launched macOS replacing the long standing OS X. The new release is called macOS Sierra with focus on continuity, iCloud and the fundamental experience.

Source: Apple
Getting information using Siri on macOS Sierra

One of the most wanted yet most expected feature was Siri which has finally come to the Mac! Siri can now not only perform basic tasks and functions but it can locate specific files on your drive using a given time or even those with a specific word in the title. Siri is just a click away with dedicated button in the dock and the menubar. Siri can now help you multitask by now letting you even send a message through your iPhone. You can also now pin Twitter feeds, sports schedules, related files to your project and more to your Notifications Center right from Siri search and they all stay updated so you never loose track. You also search for images, information or location and just drag and drop to your document.

The new macOS brings in Universal Clipboard which lets you copy text, picture or video from your iPhone and paste it just like you would normally on your Mac document provided your Mac is nearby. iCloud Drive now supports synced desktops across Macs and iOS devices so whatever is on your desktop is now with you wherever you go. The same for your Documents folder. The new iMessage is also coming to the new macOS Sierra with its bubbles, emojis and stickers along with the ability to get rich links and play videos right within iMessage.

The new Photos is also coming to macOS with better face and scene detection and the new Memories feature which lets you put a specific event into a nice and animated movie based on your mood and the duration you’d like it to be. Furthermore, Photos let’s you see all your images on a world map and brings in object and scene search in addition to face recognition.

Source: Apple
Apple Pay for the Web on macOS Sierra

Apple Pay for the web was another major announcement. Now you can just go to any website where you need to pay and simply select Apple Pay as your payment option and complete your purchase with TouchID on your iPhone or by double clicking the side button on the Apple Watch. Apple added a new Auto-Unlock feature using the Apple Watch which when detected nearby automatically unlocks your Mac for you without typing a password. iTunes comes with a new Apple Music update with a more simplistic UI and the new revamped ‘For You’ section for easy discovery on what’s new and trending. There’s also a new Browse section for discovering exclusive albums, new releases and top charts and the ability to view lyrics while listening in the new MiniPlayer.

Optimized Storage is a new macOS feature which makes more room on your Mac by storing rarely used files on the iCloud using them only when required and will also remove unused old files that are not being used along with duplicate and obsolete files. Also clearing items in the Trash for 30 days.

There are now universal tabs across macOS just like Finder and Safari but now with pretty much every app system-wide: third party or not. Another big feature is Picture-in-Picture which is super useful and let’s you float a video with customizable sizing options while working on something else.

Apple will open up the public beta in July and will launch the new OS in Fall. To see what else was announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC) this year, click here.