The Logitech X300 is an inexpensive mini Bluetooth Speaker that comes in Black, Red, Blue and Purple. Mind you however, the Red variant is actually Pink and the Purple variant isn’t even Purple; it’s more of a light metallic blue. So, don’t trust Logitech’s sense of colour. It’s Logitech’s sound engineering that you should care about, not the colour.

The X300’s packaging is really straightforward. It includes the speaker itself, a MicroUSB cable and a basic user manual.

Contents of Packaging

The shape of the X300 is partially similar to that of the JBL Flip 3. While the Flip 3 is cylindrical, the X300 lies somewhere between a Cylinder and a Cuboid, giving it a shape that enables horizontal and vertical placement on a surface. Note that when it is placed horizontally, the grill of the speaker is projected at an angle upwards which really alleviates the range of its sound. It sits and stand comfortably on all surfaces that I have tried so far (including glass, polished wood, metal etc). The X300’s build is super solid with a rubber finish that enhances the grip of its surface. It’s build is great and I’m sure that the chances of it slipping/tumbling are close to zero.

Looking at the placement of buttons and ports, there are three buttons on the top of the speaker: two buttons for controlling the volumes and one button to pair with Bluetooth. On the rear side of the speaker, there is one power button, and two ports: a 3.5 mm Audio jack and a MicroUSB port for charging.

Before I go into how it actually performed under use, here are the specs. (source: Logitech)


Height: 2.7 in (69 mm)

Width: 5.9 in (152 mm)

Depth: 2.8 in (71 mm )

Weight: 335 g (12.5 oz)

System Requirements

For Audio playback: Smartphones, tablets and other devices that support Bluetooth®-wireless audio profile [Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)] or 3.5 mm audio output.

For Phone calls: Phones that support Bluetooth-Hands-Free Profile (HFP1.6)

Platform Compatibility: Compatible with popular smartphones and tablets. Some functions may not be supported depending upon your phone, tablet and/or application.

Technical Specifications

30 ft wireless range.

5-hour battery (may vary)

Right, so we’re done with the specs. Let’s jump in to what I found out from real world usage. I have a huge library of music ranging from bass-heavy EDM to really gentle instrumental jazz. So, pretty much most facets of sound can be tested using my library. After devotedly using this speaker for about three weeks, here’s what I found out.

Bass reproduction is really good for the size of the speaker. Even while playing soft music, the sound quality is great and its nice and clear to the ears. Apparently, Logitech designed the X300’s drivers for a more expansive sound spectrum. I can attest to that. Really. If you keep the speakers in one corner of the room and medium volume and go to the other end and engage in some noisy activity, you can still hear the music loud and clear. That’s really impressive considering the size of the speakers. However at higher volumes, you can notice the speaker cut down on the bass a little. This is done to ensure that the sound quality is not disrupted. A good move, but not one that everyone can stomach. However, don’t think it isn’t loud enough. God no! It gets really loud. Loud enough if you ask me.

Improved Drivers for Expanded Sound Spectrum

The range of the X300 is quietly surprising. It actually extends more than 30 feet depending on the surroundings. Of course, when there’s a wall in between the range will drop. But if you have a really large room, the X300 can handle it. The range is impressive. What I personally found really useful is that the X300 syncs its volume with the volume of your device. So you don’t have two sets of volumes to manipulate, making for a synchronised control. Coming to taking calls using this speaker, it’s satisfactory at most. Although I wouldn’t recommend taking calls on this, if someone calls you while the speakers are connected, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Arguably the most disappointing of the X300 is the battery. On full volume, it manages four hours of use whereas on lower volumes, it can go on up to eight hours max. Compared to the smaller UE Mini Boom, which gives 10 hours, it’s a disappointment. You can’t rely on the X300 for a full-day use.

In summation, the X300 is a great speaker that costs $69.99. Pretty affordable and capable of producing great sound.


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