Google first announced its first conversational assistant similar to Siri rather than just intelligent search like Google Now at it’s I/O conference at SHORELINE AMPHITHEATRE in Mountain View, California.

Unlike other voice assistants, Google’s Assistant is a “order of magnitude” when it comes to follow-up queries, something Google is very particular about. Google said that it has long plans for its development and that it aspires to at some point, be able to have intelligent query followups. For example, asking Google “What’s playing tonight?”, Google will currently a provide a list of movies playing nearby but in the future Google hopes to provide a more refined result suggesting 3 movies that maybe of your interest and type and it can also be followed up with a question like

“We want to bring the kids this time.” so it will be able to refine the movie suggestions to a selection of family friendly options and maybe even take it a bit further by asking if they would like to book 4 tickets and upon confirmation, booking the tickets to the movie requested and keep it readily available. It doesn’t stop there, you could’ve also changed the conversation by asking Google if a particular movie was any good before asking it to book tickets for you.

Source: Google
Google I/O 2016

It aims to be an intelligent conversational assistant similar to Viv, another extremely smart assistant announced recently. It helps you find a result based on your context. Google considers it to be a “ambient experience across multiple devices” whether its a smartphone, wearable or even an automotive by helping you for example order food just by saying “Let’s have curry tonight” and it places the order and keeps you updated on when it is ready.

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