Google wants to extend the connected Google Assistant experience to the Home where devices like Amazon Echo dominate in smart voice intelligence assistance. Google wants to do this using the over 25 million Chromecast devices it sold.

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Google showed a short preview for Google assistance at Home expected to launch later this year and it’s called Google Home. Google Home is a device similar to Amazon’s Echo series and is designed specifically for hands-free operation of Google Assistant at home. In short, Google Home’s aim is for you to “Enjoy music and entertainment, manage everyday tasks and ask Google” all using just your voice. Anyone in your family can have a conversation with Google Home and Google claims that it is unmatched when it comes to far-field voice recognition due to its more than 10 years of innovation in natural language processing.

The device itself is small and compact unlike the Echo speaker from Amazon and comes with a customizable base to fit your taste and has a 360 degree speaker with LED’s and a clean no button touch face on the top. “Google Home is a wifi speaker that streams music from the cloud”. Google claims a clean audio experience with rich base and clear highs. The speaker is also Google Cast enabled so you can send data to the speaker using the Cast feature similar to how the Chromecast functions and thanks to Google’s Chromecast Audio will be able to playback on your living room speakers without any complex setups and can even support multi-room playback. The same works for video too, Youtube videos can also be played right to your TV thanks to Google’s Chromecast right from Google Home.

Google Home will also support conventional tasks like setting alarms, timers, controlling lights, thermostats, ordering food and even sending flowers. You can also ask Google Home to search directly using Google’s in-depth search functionality and you can also followup those questions with more related questions utilizing one of the most important feature for Google Assistant. It can also connect to your world by keeping track of your tickets or deliveries and so on.

Google intends to open up the platform to developers to have more options at launch for Google Home.

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