Apple has finally sent out the invite to its highly anticipated March 21st event where it is expected to announce a new cheaper variant for the iPhone lineup called the iPhone SE, a new iPad update to the iPad Air lineup that may contain the name ‘Pro’ in it and also a few Apple Watch updates most likely introducing new bands.

Apple’s tagline for the event “Let’s loop you in” could hint at the event being held at it’s famous One Infinite Loop campus or updates on its new Spaceship Campus which resembles a loop or could even point to an Apple product receiving a lanyard loop similar to the previous generation iPod touch. The Apple logo also resembles two premium colours Apple offers for its premium products, Gold and Rose Gold. This could point to the new iPad receiving a new Rose Gold colour option.

The iPhone SE will be a cheaper variation acting as a successor to the iPhone 5c having the same dimensions as the iPhone 5 but bringing the same processor as the one in the iPhone 6s along with touch id capabilities, an improved 8 megapixel camera and possibly Apple Pay support.

The new iPad is said to bring in support for Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard using the smart connector, features that are currently only available exclusively to the iPad Pro. Apple may also introduce ‘Pro’ to the name of the iPad due to these additions apart from performance improvements. Apple is also expected to introduce dual stereo speakers on either side and even a true tone LED flash at the back for all those ‘tablet photographers’.

The Apple Watch update is expected to bring in new bands and watch combinations.

Apple is currently fighting an important case for privacy with the FBI. Click here to know more about the debate. Whether or not, Tim Cook will make a mention remains to be seen.