Nissan has built an intelligent self-parking office chair that is clap-powered

Nissan, one of the most prominent Japanese Automakers published a video this Monday showing something completely out of the blue.

As the years pass by, technology around us keeps getting smarter and more intelligent that for the most part helps us make our workflow more efficient and focused. Even desks these days are now capable of being raised or lowered to help maintain your health. So it only makes sense to make our chairs more smarter. That’s exactly what Nissan did.

Nissan partnered with Okamura, a Japanese chair company to rig up office seats with some ‘self-parking’ tech. The chairs were all connected to a bird’s eye office camera system using WiFi. There are four camera whose sole purpose is to keep track of each chairs position and placement to help steer them back to their place upon command with precision. The command is a simple clap.

The idea is that after a long day’s worth of work, you just clap and your chair will return back to its intended position making the area less chaotic. While there are certain unanswered questions such as what happens if there is an applause in the room, the chair themselves are not for sale, atleast anytime soon.

In fact, the chair’s sole purpose was to demonstrate Nissan’s Intelligent Parking assist system which is part of their many upcoming self-driving technologies for their vehicles.