Apple is expected to hold an event on March 15th to unveil the new iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 and also a few updates on the Apple Watch according to reports from 9to5Mac.

Apple is expected to showcase the new 4-inch successor to the iPhone 5c aimed to be a cheaper alternative to join the iPhone ecosystem. The new iPhone is expected to be called the iPhone 5se introducing new and updated features such as Live Photos and updated optics for the camera among others. 

The iPad Air 3 is said to be the most significant update to the iPad Air lineup since the previous generation, said to be bringing features on par to the newly launched iPad Pro such as 4 speakers with 2 on either side for a better and more enhanced sound experience and a smart connector for accessories including a possible Smart Keyboard for the iPad Air 3 similar to the one for the iPad Pro. The new iPad is also said to bring a rear LED flash to the camera, a first for any device in the iPad lineup uptill this point.

The Apple Watch will also have some updates to its accessories and software. In terms of updates to the bands the sport bands will now have more colour options, new Hermès bands are expected to be unveiled along with a ‘Space Black’ version of the Milanese Loop and possibly a completely new band lineup made of a completely new material.

Apple has still however not confirmed the event officially but there is still about a month and half to go so we aren’t expecting any invites just yet.