Facebook seems to be taking no chances for what lies ahead in the world of technology. According to a new report from Amir Efrati from The Information, Facebook is considering its options if it runs into a conflict with Google resulting in the removal of Facebook and its associated apps from the Play Store.

Is this a possibility for now? Not really but that didn’t stop Facebook from being prepared. While Google and Facebook have a reasonably good relationship with the latter being one of the largest and most prominent Android app developer, the companies do have conflicts of their interests and business strategies.

Facebook currently implements Google’s API infrastructure and cloud services but Facebook is looking for other alternatives in the case of a potential conflict that may arise in the future, a tech doomsday if you will.

Facebook is looking for a way to allow its apps to operate on Android without going through the Play Store and is looking for alternatives to various infrastructures like making payments, sending out notifications, app availability and maintenance (installation and updates). Part of its consideration even involves the possibility of Facebook hosting its very own app store although thats not something in the company’s interest or priority.

According to reports, Facebook had pulled its main app from Google’s Play Store for an entire country (whose name wasn’t specified) for a week to see the reaction and loyalty of its users. It also induced some intentional errors making the app unusable from some users to see if users would simply stop using Facebook on mobile altogether. Unsurprisingly (or surprisingly), despite what they had to go through, users continued to use Facebook.

It is interesting to see how top technology companies are preparing for potential conflicts that may arise in the future.