Samsung announced a new universal remote control called ‘Smart Control’ at CES in Las Vegas. Samsung is looking to integrate a Tizen-powered universal remote to its smart home system and TVs. Samsung unveiled plans to integrate its Smart TVs with its smart home system ‘SmartThings’ in the year 2016. As part of this integration, Samsung plans to launch a new universal remote capable of controlling your entire smart home setup running Samsung’s own Tizen operating system, the same OS that runs on its smartwatches.

The remote is said to control everything from your television, gaming consoles, dvd or blu-ray players all the way to your lighting and home automation systems based on SmartThings. Another common universal remote thats been around for quite some time is Logitech’s Harmony remote with similar capabilities. Samsung’s Tizen OS is built in house and is a little more streamlined and fast compared to Android. The remote will be included with the new smart TV’s this year. The TV’s themselves come with a new and improved Smart Hub whose most prominent feature is to merge content from multiple sources for convenience.