LG has been in the display business for a while and most recently is known for its development of OLED technology. This year at CES, LG Display is set to unveil a new 18-inch curved OLED display and when I say curved, I mean a super bendable display. It’s not the first but it definitely stands out.

Being just a prototype, the display indicates where the industry (or atleast LG) is headed in terms of display technology. In terms of applications for these kinds of displays, LG is looking towards items ranging from a smartwatch or phone to the interior of a room or building. LG is also set to announce a 25-inch curved screen installed inside a car, another place where this technology can find its use. It also doesn’t stop here.

LG will also be taking the wraps off a 55-inch ‘paper thin’ TV having its main components moved to another separate device.