Apple came out with an unexpected surprise this month when it launched a new ‘Smart Battery Case’ for its iPhone 6 and 6s devices to boost battery performance.

The new case helps boost the battery life of the iPhone 6 and 6s to their respective 6 Plus and 6s Plus counterparts. With the case, Apple claims an increased talk time of upto 25 hours, internet usage upto 18 hours on LTE and video playback upto 20 hours. While the new case is advertised for the new iPhone 6s, it can also be used with the iPhone 6.

The case itself is made out of the same silicone material as Apple’s standard line of silicone cases and comes with 2 colour options – Charcoal Grey and White. The case however looks a little unusual to be called an Apple design. It looks like they tried to simply add a battery to the existing silicone case. It does have cutouts for the speaker, headphone jack and microphone.

Source: Apple
Source: Apple

The case however does come with the biggest key advantage over its competitors, a lightening port which is the single biggest reason to choose it over the others which use micro-usb for charging. It also has a battery indicator inside the case and when connected can be seen under ‘Battery level’ in the notifications panel and on the lock screen. When charging, both the case and the iPhone charges simultaneously.

The case costs $99 for which you don’t get an extra lightening cable. For that cost, Mophie who has been in this business for years has a better option, the Juice Pack Air which promises to give more than 100% battery life for the same price with a slightly more reasonable design.