Most smartphones these days come with a unibody or metal design giving a better experience and feel but at the lack of expandable storage. However, smartphones usually now ship with 32GB as standard in the base model which is sufficient for most users and media consumers. But there are still phones like the iPhone 6/6+ which have a 16GB option as the base with 64GB and 128GB available as an upgrade. This leaves most consumers to choose the 16GB option due to its cheaper price point. But will that be sufficient for users in todays modern standards?

Smartphones are generally used for doing tasks that involve more than just calling or text messaging. Most users like to use a lot apps from their respective app store to get exactly what their looking for such as Social media apps, games, utilities app and so on. But with the evergrowing world of technology, Users would not want to limit the power of their devices to its memory capacity. On top of everything lies the camera, one of the most standout feature for any smartphone and one that is crucial to stay on top of the social media game.

These days, games on smartphones are much advanced and graphically intensive and in some cases emulating console level gaming, all this results in greater size of the apps. Camera these days are exceptionally good with amazing quality and advanced technologies such as slow motion, time lapse, Optical Image stabilization. Video and photo quality have also greatly improved with some smartphones providing 4k video recording and RAW image formats. All this leads again to greater size of each of these files.

Generally speaking, Smartphones these days are becoming ever more powerful and capable which also requires a minimmum of 32GB to fit most users need and to exercise the power it truly has under the hood. 16 GB is only going to have a tiny room to spare for your photos, videos and apps since some of it is already consumed by the operating system itself.

To sum it up, if your in the market for a new smartphone its important to consider the memory variation of your phone. To know exactly what would be your best fit, click here. As a precaution, its better to shell out a couple of extra bucks for more storage than a 16 GB to enjoy and fully utilize the power of your smartphone. However, if your device has expandable storage, the 16GB should do you just fine.