There’s always a ton of debate between those who admire beats and those who have the biggest hatred against it. But today I think it’s time to make it clear on what’s what.

Beats By Dre was founded by Dr.Dre, a famous rapper who wanted to revolutionize the boring headphone market with much more glamour and style. Beats is known primarily for its incredible marketing strategies, high celebrity endorsements and it’s overpriced headphone lineup. Beats is currently owned by Apple Inc.

Beats was aimed primarily at the average consumer (not those on a budget), who prefer a more stylish good looking pair of headphones which is more bass heavy and can make a fashion statement. Audiophiles on the other hand can notably understand the main property of a decent set of headphones is to have balanced mid and base levels.

Beats is generally criticized for its bad sound quality and contradicting marketing. However mocking them all together does not do them justice either.

Beats Solo 2 Wireless
Beats Solo 2 Wireless

Beats in fact is one of the first brands to bring headphones as a fashion accessory. They also are truly comfortable and their design is eye catching. Sound quality progresses along the lineup based on their respective price points. For a non audiophile, the most notable part of any music is the bass since thats the most recognizable. People generally judge a set of speakers based on how heavy the ‘thump’ of the speaker is. Beats decided that by making headphones that were accustomed to being more base heavy, it could attract the younger market as well.

Being overpriced is definitely true. For that Beats does offer a premium unboxing and overall experience but still, that does not justify the high price point. For those looking for a pure listening experience, I would personally recommend the Audio Technica ATH-M50s or the ATH M50X’s which provide a much better, clear sound at a cheaper price point and comes with a decent design as well.

In the end, Beats maybe overpriced and bass heavy but for those out there who are entering the market or is not an audiophile and is willing to shell out money for the style and brand, Beats is a good option but for those looking for the true audio experience, its important to remember that there are a lot more options out there.