Apple’s September 9th event is right around the corner and it has begun raising its flags around the venue so we thought we’d take a look of what to expect over the event.

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At the event, the new iPhones along with a new Apple TV are expected to be the stars of the show. So lets break it down based on what we know so far.

Source: Gabor Cselle
Source: Gabor Cselle


Off course, the main subject of the event would be the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus which as far as we know will have the new Apple A9 chip, 2 GB RAM come in 3 memory variations like previous models : 16 GB, 64GB and 128GB with pricing beginning at $199 for 6s and $299 for 6S Plus. The new iPhones will also sport a 12 megapixel 4k capable rear facing isight camera while the front facing will receive a flash feature which will produce a bright white flash on the screen when you take the picture. Apple is also adding a next generation version of the Force touch called ‘3D Touch Display’ giving 3 levels of pressure for the screen. All of which is packed in a body made of 7000 series Aluminum which is much more sturdy and stronger but is said to make the phones slightly more thicker. Apple is also rumored to launch a ‘Rose Gold’ version along with the existing Gold, Silver and Space Grey variants. Apple will also be adding animated ‘Motion Wallpapers’ similar to those seen in the Apple Watch. This feature can be seen demonstrated by a koi fish on a leaked image purporting to show the iPhone 6S Plus packaging.


Apple is expected to begin shipping the new iPhones on 18th of September.


Apple TV

The new Apple TV is expected to be an ‘all new’ product with an A8 chip, having the same ports and coming in 8 GB and 16 GB configurations at $149 and $199 price points respectively.

Its also said to be running an iOS 9 core to reduce App Size, will bring in an dedicated App Store and have a much tighter Siri integration. Apple TV is also expected to be integrated with it’s HomeKit platform for smartening up your home. Apart from just watching TV, Apple is positioning gaming as its priority for the Apple TV with rumored bluetooth gaming controllers.

Source: 9to5Mac
Source: 9to5Mac

There will also be a new black remote with a touchpad above and physical tactile buttons for ‘Home’ and ‘Siri’ positioned below the remote and a volume rocker. One big news is that the new Apple TV will not support 4K video but that is left to see on Wednesday’s event.


iOS and OS X

One thing for sure, Apple will launch the final public versions of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan which will mostly ship before the release of their phones or devices based on tradition. WatchOS 2 will also be released but may not be launched on the same date as iOS and OS X.



Apple is expected to introduce an addition to the current iPad lineup with a new ‘iPad Pro’. The iPad Pro is said to feature a ‘killer’ 12.9 inch display with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels, a new modified A9 processor (A9X) tuned for higher performance and multitasking capabilities and will have 4 stereo speakers with 2 on either sides. The iPad Pro will also reportedly feature two storage options: 64GB and 128GB (which is awesome) [To know which size would be right for you, click here]. They will also come with LTE variations just like current iPad models and accessories (which will not come as standard) specific to them such as a stylus which is force touch enabled and two types of keyboard: one acting like a case while the other similar to the current Apple wireless keyboard. All this in addition to modified versions of the smart cases and covers existing for current models.

Source: 9to5Mac
Source: 9to5Mac

Apple will also be refreshing the iPad Mini (iPad Mini 4) which will rock an A8 chip, have an updated camera and feature a thinner design.



Apple is said to introduce the new Intel Skylake processors on its products probably on the MacBooks or iMacs. Apple is also expected to unveil or at least give a glimpse for a new 21,5 inch 4K iMac.



Apple Watch

Apple is expected to add more colors to its sport bands. WatchOS 2 will also be announced for its public release.


With all this, the excitement is building up for the event itself. One thing to remember is that all of what’s stated above is based on rumors and leaks and cannot be relied on but can provide an idea of what to expect at the event.


Source: 9to5Mac

UPDATE: Modified with new leaked details of iPad Pro.