It’s been just a couple of days since the launch of the Note 5 from Samsung, However some users are experiencing issues with their Note 5 SPen due to replacing the SPen backwards into its slot. The problem is now categorized by users as SPenGate.

The problem occurs when you insert the SPen the other way round into the slot of your Note 5. The pen will not only get stuck, it could cause potential damage to the phone’s SPen detection functionality among others. A demonstration video has been posted by Android Police indicating the potential flaw of the Note 5.


This may happen if you happened to be pretty careless but the biggest surprise is that the SPen slides back the other way round just as easily as it would normally without providing any resistance increasing the chances of it happening to many more Note 5 users. This is also an issue that did not exist with previous Note devices from Samsung.
Samsung, however has clearly instructed users to read the manual where they have mentioned about the proper replacement of the SPen into the slot. If the sensor is damaged, the ability to write notes while the screen is off or detecting if the SPen is in the slot or not will be lost.

To avoid a situation like this, it is important to make sure that you take special care when using the SPen and that it is replaced in its proper position to avoid damages to the phone or the SPen itself.