Nokia had recently unveiled OZO, a virtual reality camera for professional content makers. With the advent of more virtual reality devices for consumers like Gear VR from Samsung, Nokia wants more professional content makers to produce virtual reality content.

The OZO virtual reality camera is the first of its kind to be commercially available and the first from Nokia‘s new upcoming lineup for digital media solutions from its Technologies division.

Source: Nokia
Source: Nokia

OZO captures stereoscopic 3D video through eight (8) synchronized global shutter sensors and spatial audio through eight (8) integrated microphones spread across the device. The built-in software for OZO provides real-time 3D viewing removing the need to pre-assemble a panoramic image. Content made with OZO can be published on existing VR headsets. The product would be manufactured in Finland.

Nokia also claims the OZO provides real time feedback. It can also be a huge time saver for those times when studios or content makers had to individually stitch content to make it VR compatible.

More and more content these days are now appearing in the virtual reality world. OnePlus decided to unveil its new flagship device ‘Two’ live for Android users through Virtual Reality this year.

Nokia is still conducting various tests on the OZO with industry partners in advance of the products official commercial release. While specifications and pricing information will be announced on a future date, it is expected to be a expensive device, with shipments beginning in Q4 this year.