Ever wanted to use Android on a Mac? Good news, BlueStacks has announced its latest android emulator, App Player, that can now be used to run android on your mac. BlueStacks is known for its android emulators for the windows platform allowing you to have a full-blown android running on your computer allowing you to access apps and games right from the Google Play store.

The latest edition, now includes support for the mac platform. Furthermore, BlueStacks has included support for Retina display and multi-touch gestures on trackpads. BlueStacks claims that the software was built from the ground up for the mac making it highly optimized and efficient.

For those on the mac, there isn’t a large selection of games available on the Mac App store but with BlueStacks App Player, you can use the selection from the Google Play store which has tons of games to choose from, among other types of applications.

Source: BlueStacks
Source: BlueStacks

Installation couldn’t be more simpler. Simply download the Bluestacks App Player and complete installation. Once in, you simply need to login with your google credentials just like you would when first setting up Android on any device. During our usage, app installation and performance were smooth and we did not experience any issues.


The best part of the app is that it is available at no cost at all. That’s right, It’s free! So for those of you wanting to exercise the selection from Android with the power of your mac (or Windows), go ahead and give it a try.