There exists a lot of social networking apps available with all kinds of features and capabilities but Beme promises to be not just another social app but rather one that could emulate the true meaning of what social networking should have been.

Founded by Casey Neistat and the former head of engineering at Tumblr, Matt Hackett, Beme is an video-sharing app where people can share their experience and reactions in a unique way. For a start, Beme uses the proximity sensor as its record button. It’s a very interesting concept and one that can bring many exciting uses in the hands of people.

Beme was made with a vision of bringing a new version of social media. It was aimed for you to maintain eye contact while still allowing you to share the moment. There is no preview or edits that can be done which means your getting the most accurate version of the moment without filters or other additions.

The way it works is pretty straightforward. To record you simply block the proximity sensor once your in the app. Again the idea behind it is to liberate your eyes from the screen and rather focus and enjoy the moment while still sharing it. It really works well and is pretty convenient compared to other social media apps.

To watch a Beme, you can click and hold on it and once you finish watching it, the Beme is gone forever.

Sending your feedback on Beme is pretty simple as well. It’s called reactions and unlike other apps, there are no like buttons. Rather you have to move your finger while watching the Beme which will bring up a small reactions window on the top right corner. The reaction is sent by capturing your photo through the front facing camera while watching the Beme (or as Casey put it, ‘a real-time selfie’) and you can tap it as many times you want to send multiple reactions for a particular Beme. And for those who don’t prefer this, it can be disabled in the settings menu.

Currently Beme is available internationally on iOS and soon to Android users and has growing user base since its launch on July 17th, 2015. Due to a progressive rollout, those who download Beme will be required to enter a Beme code to unlock their account. Also follow me on Beme @ joefredericksam!