Lots of laptops and ultrabooks these days come with incredible speed and performance capabilities but always lacks a dvd drive.  These is a new trend to make devices more thinner, lighter and more efficient. It also helps reduce the number of moving parts, decreasing the chances of something going wrong. But is this sacrifice necessary?

DVD drives used to be an essential part of a laptop experience. The ability to watch movies and install software was very appealing. But soon the internet took off to be more faster in speed and distribution which means more and more places around the globe began using the internet as a primary medium of transmission and the internet became an important part of peoples lives.

Further with the advent of smart devices like phones and televisions, Internet was used for a lot of platforms becoming a common point for companies to transmit data and software. Nowadays, more people use the internet as primary medium for streaming content to their devices be it a smartphone, television, tablet or a laptop. Companies like Adobe began a corporate model bringing the Creative Cloud system which introduces a subscription service to professional software. It further helps greatly reduce the cost of distribution.

Summarizing, in the modern age everything from data, communication and transmission is based off the internet which reduces the need of physical media. So it only makes sense for companies to drop DVD drives and further provide more ports, expandability and increasing the portability.