We all know that we need some sort of antivirus protection system for our computer no matter which platform you’re running. This is to prevent virus and other malicious stuff from entering and harming our computer and worst of all, stealing all our personal details. But Antivirus software is generally expensive these days and sometimes people tend to ignore it completely due to this reason. But leaving your computer vulnerable to the attackers is the last thing you’d want. So what solution do we have to this problem?

Well it turns out there are various solutions available for the best price in the world, free. So which is best, lag-free and does the job well and without any compromises? Even though there are a lot of options out there like NortonAVGAviraMcAffe, etc… they all tend to do much less than what’s required. But don’t despair! There is a solution to this and it’s Avast! Free Antivirus.

Now you may wonder why I’m suggesting Avast compared to other well known brands like Norton and Kaspersky but they have a very user-friendly UI and does the job just as well as the others and most importantly doesn’t occupy much space, It’s less resource hungry and it’s multi platform plus you get more than what you get with the others for the same price, free!

I have been using avast! Free Antivirus for quite a while on multiple platforms and definitely seems to be one of the best free antivirus options out there. In my experience, I was impressed with what I got. It protects your computer without giving those annoying popups requesting you to upgrade to one of those premium packages. It did not affect my startup speed or gaming performance like some do yet it provided good protection like it promised and never got stuck, hanged or any of that unlike some others.

But if your looking for more than just basic protection for your computer, I’d suggest you to consider other premium options. Feel free to share your favorite FREE antivirus software you’ve had to date below.